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Consumerism in Kenya


As a consumer, it is an overwhelming situation to be in. To make the right choices, you must be adequately armed with enough information to handle this deluge.
The average consumer in Kenya has access to absolutely no information on the safety of the products he uses. Shockingly, this is particularly true of household electrical appliances, health products, food products, cosmetics and toiletries. Hence he is totally reliant on the manufacturer’s claims. He has no guidelines to decide whether the product matches his needs.
Manufacturers and distributors do not necessarily disseminate enough information to the user to enable him to make an informed choice. As a result, the user may find the product unsatisfactory or he may pay for unnecessary features.
The products may not be safe to use even if they are certified and approved.. This may be because the standards themselves may be defective or because the manufacturers compromise on standards during manufacture.
With over 4 years experience in the consumer movement, the founders of CGA felt keenly the need to build an effective and meaningful lobby to represent consumers. This led to the registration of Consumers Grassroots Association (CGA) as a National Consumer Body.