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State Of Affairs Following Matatu Strike

Yesterday the country's transport sector was paralyzed following the countrywide strike by matatus. Consumer Grassroot association (CGA) has received shocking reports, several people were unable to reach the hospital to seek urgent medical attention. Many were stranded and forced to walk for long distance while others lost millions of shillings as their businesses stalled because of the strike.

It has further come to our attention that over 500,000 were over exorbitantly charged yesterday on fare, each spending an extra ksh. 100 above the normal rates.This is a total rip-off from the common person ammounting to a whooping ksh. 50, 000, 000.

We as CGA strongly condemn the tendency of the matatu taking advantage of the common mwananchi. We therefore request the parties involved to come to terms to salvage the situation. We also urge the matatu owners to adhere to the stipulated 'Michuki rules' as they to put our road safety in order.

Alice Kemunto,

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