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Food Waste In Kenya

It is human nature that light is not appreciated until darkness is experienced, the government has taken this theory too far in regard to counterfeits, reacting long after the milk is spilt. In August 2018, KDB officers arrested 5 suspects for preparing fake yoghurt in Nakuru after being tipped by the public. Findings were that the ingredients used for making the product included corn flour, and some beauty products that are harmful for human consumption. Since then there has been little or no follow up on other counterfeit milk products in the market.Food waste is a real disaster in a country where millions are going hungry. It pains when a small fraction of the populatuon that is lucky to afford a meal, go about wasting the very rare commodity. Young children and mothers are crying for a meal that someone else could be throwing to the dustbin at this very moment. A meal that could save a life somewhere else.

It is important therefore to ensure that we should consume enough to avoid waste.

Kenya Dairy Board There is a lot of contaminated milk being sold in the local market under the watch of the Kenya Dairy Board. After licensing milk bars, they fail to monitor the sale of the milk, thus risking the lives of millions of consumers depending on raw milk.

The survey that was carried out ranks household as number one in food waste while industries are the lowest. Households. ... 44% Restaurants...... 33% Grocery....... 11% Institutions..... 10% Industrial. ......2%

It is important therefore to ensure that we should consume enough to avoid waste. This saves us money and other resources that can be used in the future. Proper planning when going to shop for food guarantees healthy spending and it goes along way in environmental conservation because food waste contributes to global warming. The less we waste food, the better for our climate.

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